Valentine’s Day for Widows = No Valentine, Just Pain

It’s February, and along with cold weather and snow in many parts of the world, there are red Valentine’s Day hearts everywhere!  TV commercials are for jewelry stores with heart pendants, candy hearts abound, and Valentine’s Day cards are in all the stores…you cannot seem to get away from them. These hearts are supposed to make you feel warm and fuzzy but instead, because of the loss of your loved one, you feel sad and perhaps angry.  As a widow, you remember the former Valentine’s Days when you had someone who loved you; someone who gave you cards with big red hearts; someone who gave you candy and flowers and jewelry.  But now, you may feel that you want to move to the moon where you won’t be hit on every side with the pain of loss.  What can you do? Well, when it comes to the pain of loss…you have a choice to become depressed, cry, rage, sulk, whine, and be generally miserable OR YOU CAN GET THROUGH IT.  Getting through this time may seem to be easier said than done.  Here are a few things you might try which will help you to get through the most romantic month of the year. ACKNOWLEDGE THE PAIN Trying to deny the pain of loss and grief only pushes it down deep inside where it will fester and perhaps become toxic bitterness.  Feel the pain and think about

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