A Single Woman’s Adventures in Ballroom Dancing

Getting back into life after being widowed is difficult but not impossible.  I speak from first-hand experience since I have been widowed twice by cancer. I had married my first husband while still very young and living at home.  When my first husband died of cancer I had my son at home so he was the reason I got up every day and moved about.  However, when my second husband died, I felt that I had no real reason to get back into living.  I was alone for the first time in my life. I was miserable and in excrutiating pain as I grieved his loss.  I didn’t really care if I got on with life or if my life ended.  After several months of misery, I began to realize that living in that state of dispair had to end.  I began to realize that there was one thing in particular that I had done prior to marriage which I had loved and could go back to doing…ballroom dancing. As a young girl I always loved ballroom dancing.  My mother was a dance teacher for Arthur Murray Studios before I was born and when I was about six, I attended her ballroom dancing classes in her private studio.  As a teenager, I even danced on a TV show similar to American Bandstand, called “The Larry Kane Show”. Even though dancing was of utmost importance to me as a teenager,

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